What is this?!

HPA Engine Pistol build Kit with custom trigger board in an incredibly small package


SUB5 is based on a concept I thought about for years which actually became SLS Nylon PA12 printed reality after tons of development and prototyping. Look no further in case you want to get all your HPA engine firepower in a pistol-like body that weighs under 500g and handles easier and more stable than any other pistol out there. You got tons of color options to choose from, based on the now available black and white lowers there are 128 different color combinations available!
  • Powered by polarstar engines (others follow soon)
  • Custom made trigger board (electronic safety and fire selector available)
  • Standard or gorilla FCU usable
  • Fed by Classic Army X9 or PTS AR9 Mags (no ARP9 possible due to a missing notch on the side)
  • V2 Rotary HopUp compatible (Prowin HopUp recommended! Maxx might give some issues, atleast go for the sport version over the pro if you want to try Maxx anyways!)
  • As stated in the name weighs sub 500g
  • 130-140mm inner barrel for usage with external tracers
  • RMR red dots usable
  • SLS or MJF printed at highest industrial standards from Nylon PA12
  • Trigger is adjustable from clicky to „touch-and-go“
  • Innovative concept of building the whole thing up, yet easy to complete. You get access to a video that shows all details



There are basically 3 different kits for SUB5:

– MJF all black pistol kit for 319,- €
– SLS color choice pistol kit for 399,- € (lower only black and white!)
– Blackout SMG & pistol Kit for 499,- €

All prizes are plus shipping and possible fees for import or PayPal

Those sets include all parts you need to build, from printed parts over screws, nuts, the custom trigger board etc. (in case of the SMG kit it also contains the carbon tubes).

  • Color choice

    plus shipping

    SLS Colour choice

    • HPA Pistol Kit

    • SLS printed Nylon PA12

    • 128 color combinations

    Select plan