What is this?!

Worlds first all modular printed dedicated speedsoft marker made to win – not just a modified M4 Body


For the realization of this project I teamed up with my brazilian friend Fabio from costa airsoft. So this is a cooperative project, where we both put in massive amount of development costs and hours.

General Infos

CORE sets a new way of build style in the airsoft genre. This is not just a modified M4 body, it is an actual specificaly made speedsoft marker taking M4 Mags. The Kit contains different modules, like the Frame or Mag Funnel and works around an unique approach to how it is build and parts are connected. The whole development took way over a year, tons of testing, many prototypes, countless ideas that have been turned into implemented features or have been scratched out when we did not like them in prototypes.

In the end we are really conveniant when saying that this might be the most progressive airsoft rifle out there to date, which is suited for everyone who likes fast paced gameplay.

CORE is a modular build kit. We do not use one drop of glue anywhere, every part is screwed and can be exchanged if wanted or needed. Over time there will follow more parts for different build styles like more mag options and stock versions, which are all interchangeable with one another.

CORE was meant to be printed from the start and developed for 3D printing at any point. That is the simple reason for its strength and sturdiness. The highend printing processes are capable of so much, when they are used the right way.

We are using HP MJF 3D printing technology with Nylon PA12. This makes for strong and solid parts, combined with melted in threads that can stand a proper load of force at any point a thread is needed.

We did not manage to break one Kit to date. Not in crash tests, not the prototypes, nothing.

Features & Design

CORE has so many features and thought out design decisions on board, that we will only mention some of them to keep this list some kind of short:

  • Custom Speed Trigger with 3 position screws, ball bearings on the trigger axle and slightly angled to better suite the classic speedsoft grip style.
  • Custom Trigger Board made with the help of MAD Design running an Omron Highend Switch used in gaming mouse, so you can set your trigger everywhere between a nice feeling short click and basically zero travel when the additional spring is installed.
  • Custom short FCU cable for zero cable chaos
  • Neodym magnetic grip Panel on the right side to get to your battery compartment without touching one single screw.
  • Redesigned ambidextrous Mag release for fastest Mag changes allowing a shorter build style
  • Due to repositioning of the trigger board we offer a drastically smaller and lower body then with any classic AR15 base Body, which allows lower weight, better handling and sleeker looks. Shortest grip to engine and sight distance in the game!
  • Absolutely easy to build! Mounting your reg needs one screw (plus hose connector and pressure Gauge), all the rest of the parts are installed by tightening the printed engine holder and connecting the upper to the lower portion with five more screws. Taking out your engine, HopUp and Innerbarrel takes hardly one minute.
  • Perfect ergonomy with printed stippling in many places – no reason to argue here, just touch it and you know what we are talking about. The eronomy alone took months to accomplish to the point we are now…
  • Various engines useable as well as various V2 Rotary HopUps and innerbarrels – use what parts you prefer while having the perfect air seal by our mounting solution.
  • Big ambidetroux adjustment window for the HopUp unit
  • Optional RMR Direct Mount Plate and Rail Plate for various sight options. Low line of sight, absolutely optional.



What you get with this Kit:

One complete build kit inlcuding screws, Carbon, trigger board, all printed parts (including trigger, mag release front sight etc.) and some small spare parts. You really only need what is mentioned in the next point to finish the whole build.


Parts you need to complete the build:

  • Engine (Polarstar F2 or Jack, Wolverine Inferno)
  • One or two solenoid cable to connect to trigger board (amount depending on your engine)
  • V2 Rotary HopUp Unit (Maxx or Prowin recommended)
  • Innerbarrel (140-160mm recommended, please tell your preferred length when ordering so you get the correct carbon length to beginn with)
  • FCU (Polarstar, Gorilla or T238)
  • Wolverine Storm Regulator