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Most experienced Engineers and Designers

We build everything you need.

ATI is a small independent EU-based brand aiming at the development of parts and build sets which really make a difference on the field when running these.

You are a competitive player looking for parts or kits that give you and your team an edge in your next league match?

Or you are the casual player who likes to run fancy & exclusive custom parts that make your skirm day experience even better and help you improve on the field?

No matter what: We got all of you guys covered! Take a look at what is possible when steping away from the standards and into a world of well thought out parts. We do not build or sell the next AR15 base modell clone trying to be something new, we actually do things different and have a look at what is possible with the gift of modern airsoft tech.

    Redesigning airsoft - we don’t copy the standard, we reinvent for the better
    When we say custom we mean it - custom trigger boards, custom mounting solutions, custom build styles
    Bringing imagination to live - we dream it, we develop it! We offer builds with more features than you have ever seen somewhere else

Our Process

  • SUB 9

    This is where it began. Covid lockdown closed all playing fields, so I decided to use the time to make the gun I was always thinking of: lightweight, low profile, ammo counter, lowest possible line of sight with an RMR. SUB9 was born and named after the goal to weigh sub 900 gramm when finished and following the ARP9 lower body I used. In the end I should have named it SUB7, because it was way lighter then I had expected. I developed this one for myself and found at some point that people are interested in these things, so I made the uppers and printed gearboxes available. To date there is no upper I know of that directly holds the engine. By now SUB9 is available in Gen 2 with the carbon front end.

  • SUB5

    Hands down: Which airsoft player hasn’t thought about an HPA Engine power pistol build? I did various times and then just decided to create one. Came across a lot of problems that mostly resulted from my wish to make SUB5 as small as possible. Unique build style to set up internals, custom made trigger board and tons of small features I wanted to include. Huge thanks to MAD Design at this point, with whom I have talked to through various issues when there just wasn’t a proper solution. In most cases that led to going more steps back and starting a new approach on things. After roughly one year of development SUB5 was finished and it is still awesome.


    I noticed that SUB5 was awesome, but there was something missing. Something I have thought about from the beginning too. I wanted SUB5 to have a real lightweight SMG Kit, I prefer guns with stocks anyways, so the PWR UP Kit got created. With this one SUB5 can be used as a pistol, SMG, pistol with stock or with only the front kit without stock. This kit added so many options on how SUB5 can be used and by now I personally mostly play with the kit on.

  • CORE

    By that time I had a list of possible projects longer then my time would possibly allow me to work through. So I looked at what was most important form me, a dedicated speedsoft rifle build. So I started that and was already pretty far with concept and build style when I came across Fabio from costa airsoft. He was already doing something similar and showing it on instagram and as I am not a fan of copying people or even being possibly accused of that, I messaged him, we came along perfectly and joined forces on this one. CORE is the latest creation and one insane piece of art. Find more infos in the projects section…

Our Projects

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